Remembering Wendy

By Alexander Hume.

Wendy Wilkins, who worked for Sandes in the late 1960s and 1970s passed away on 22 November, 2015, in the care home in Falmouth where she had lived since 2010.

Wendy was born Wendola Hezlet in Eltham near London, where her father was a gunner seconded to the Ministry of Munitions. She was educated at the Royal School, Bath, a school for the daughters of army officers. At 18 she accompanied her parents to India, where her father had been appointed Deputy Master General of the Ordnance. There she met and married her first husband, Andrew Parke Hume of the Indian Civil Service. It was in India that Wendy first made her acquaintance with Sandes Homes and spent a summer in the Rhaniket home.

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For such a time as this

Since 1869 Sandes has been an integral part of the military community. Over the years we have provided homes, centres and other provisions for the soldiers when, where and however it was needed. Each generation of servicemen had a different challenge and Sandes had to adapt to those changing needs and yet be consistent in our care and ministry. In the early years there was a need for Homes where soldiers could find a place to stay.

adminFor such a time as this
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Precious memories

By David Young.

I recently returned to worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ after being in a backslidden condition for 34 years. Despite an illness that makes my memory very poor, there were two names the Lord has never let me forget. They were Sam and Anna Irons whom I met during my posting in 1981 to Palace Barracks Holywood.

adminPrecious memories
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